Q. What are Trudon Construction Insurance Requirements?

A. Trudon Construction is fully insured. Trudon Construction requires subcontractors on our projects to be fully insured as well.

Q. When hiring a construction contractor, are there any advantages to “buying local?”

Trudon Construction thinks that “buying local” provides significant benefits to the local economy.  When you hire Trudon, we purchase our construction materials from local vendors. We rent or purchase equipment from local rental companies, and hire subcontractors from the local area.

Q. Does Trudon Construction take any special safety precautions on the job?

Safety is a primary concern for Trudon Construction. We practice a commercial construction safety program.

Q. Give the history and experience level of your corporation. How did you get into the business?

Eric Trudon, Owner, has been building for over 25 years. He hires only subcontractors that meet and/or exceed his expectations. Your home is his masterpiece.

Q. Is there anything special you want potential customers to know about you or your company?

We are dedicated to our community through donations and outreach as well as providing a trustworthy, dependable product. We are supported by our customers testimonials and listen to their needs and feedback. We stand by our work from start to finish.